Welcome to the Freeworld Airways training department

Welcome to the FreeWorld flight school. Our aim is to provide training for FreeWorld pilots as well as conducting flight tests.
Pilots who would like active training from one of our instructors are invited to send their request to their local region manager. They will then be assigned an Instructor to assist them with their progress through the training program. Due to limited staff resources we may not be able to accept all requests immediately.

In order to enhance realism of operations, the airline operates rating system for all pilots. Upon joining the airline, new pilots will be assigned temporary trainee permit allowing them to fly and log select flights for training purposes, and are expected progress towards First Officer, then Captain, and ultimately Senior Captian to have access to larger aircraft, and expanded routes as well as special missions. This progress consists of several stages, with appropriate pilot ratings and flight tests listed below. Pilots alerady having real-world experience, or holding an advanced rank with another airline may request a direct upgrade.

Pilots not inscribed in the flight school may request flight tests by contacting their region manager. The written exams may be downloaded directly from this site.

Any further questions please don't hesitate to contact the CFI (Roman), or post your question on our training forum.


Frequently Asked Questions

1_ Rating System

1.1_ Ranks and Experience points
1.2_ Level 1 : Trainee
1.3_ Level 2 : First Officer
1.4_ Level 3 : Captain
1.5_ Level 4 : Senior Captain
1.6_ Type Ratings
1.7_ Direct upgrades

2_ Navigation
2.1_ Altimetry
2.2_ Navaids
2.3_ Airways
2.4_ Charts
2.5_ Standard Instrument departures (SID)
2.6_ Standard Terminal arrival routes (STAR)
2.7_ Holding patterns
2.8_ Instrument approaches
2.9_ VFR visual flight rules

3_ ATC & Communication
3.1_ Call signs
3.2_ Radio Communications
3.3a_ Example Flight (Europe)
3.3b_ Example Flight (North America)
3.4_ Transponder
3.5_ Reserved Frequencies
3.6_ The phonetic Alphabet
3.7_ Glossary (coming soon)
4_ Airmanship / Tutorials
4.1_ V Speeds
4.2_ METARs and TAFs
4.3_ Fuel and Payload
4.4_ The FMS

5_ XSquawkBox
5.1_ User's guide


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