2.4_ Charts

2.4.1_ Where to find charts

To ease navigation, enhance the flying experience, and hopefully give ATC a good impression when flying online we highly recommend downloading and using the appropriate charts for your flights.

Ideally we would like to include all relevant charts in a dispatch package that you can download when booking your flights, but this is a VERY time consuming process, and we don't have enough staff right now.

Here is a concise list of where to look for charts:

AIS United Kingdom - Charts for the UK (log: freeworld /password: blueskies)

AIP France - Charts for France and the DOM-TOMs

vACC-SAG - Charts for Germany/Switzerland/Austria

IVAO Canada - Charts for Canada

FAA NACO - Charts for the USA (Click on Online Products, then digital-TPP on the left hand side - that will lead you to a search page)

AIP Spain - Charts for Spain

AIP Denmark - Chart for Denamrk, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands

AIP Sweden - Charts for Sweden

AIS ASECNA - Charts for select african countries

For any place not listed here it's a good idea to visit the IVAO/VATSIM country/division's web site...

2.4.2_ How to use charts

Our training department is still working on this section, but information on how to use charts can be found Here

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