_Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my name not on the pilot roster?
The roster only displays pilots who have reported at least one flight... so don't worry if your name doesn't show up right away.

How do I report a flight?
In your personal profile select 'Open flights' in the Options, then select the flight which you want to complete.

I reported a flight but my flight count is 0?
All flights have to be verified manually by the regional manager. Once your flight is approved it will show up on the roster and your profile.

Why does it take so long to verify my flight?
Flights flown online will not show up until VATSIM and IVAO update their databases. It can take up to 24 hours after your flight for the info to show up on the network logs.

How is it that I reported my flight before Pilot X but their flight is already cleared?
Some of our regional managers are also controllers on-line or they might be monitoring FWA's flight tacker. If they see your flight while on-line they can verify it as soon as you report it. Also IVAO logs become availble immediately after the flight, while VATSIM logscan take up to 24 hours to update

Can I fly while waiting on the regional manager to clear my previous flight(s)?

Can I book more than one flight at a time?
Yes. You can have up to two open flights. Note, when you report a flight that closes it.

What should I have as payload?
The payload is automatically assigned when you book a flight. Look in your Pilot profile -> Open flights to get your numbers.

How long do I have to report the flight after I book it?
PIREPS for completed flights must be submitted within 24 hours of booking the flight. After 24 hours the flight will become available again to other pilots. Failing to complete a reserved flight will result in one reservation slot being closed for 24 hours after the expiration of the uncompleted flight

When I go online what callsign do I use?
When flying online you use the flight number (e.g FW1877) preceded by the ICAO code of the airline (FWA). Don't use your personal callsign except for special operations / training events. Example: If you are FWA252D and are flying an Express flight# FW7612 then your online callsign would be FWA7612 (Freeworld 7612). Trainees are to add a T at the end of the flight number (e.g. FWA7612T)

Do I have to fly the actual time of the flight?
No. You can fly the flights whenever you like, however set the time in X-Plane to reflect the actual time of the flight.

How often do I have to fly to remain active?
You must log a minimum of 1 flight per 30 days to remain active. Failing to do so will result in temporary suspension of the pilot, and loss of all type ratings. If you are inactive for more than 60 days our account will be deleted without notice.

What if I have to leave for an extended amount of time?
Pilots may take a leave of absence for 2 months and retain their rank, for a leave of absence of more than 2 months the pilot will have to pass the relevant flight tests again. You must request you leave of absence from the local region manager.

Should I read all the regulations?

How can I share screenshots and videos of my flights with other FreeWorld pilots?
Post them here: 128.82 - Company frequency

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