Level 2 : First Officer

After logging at least one complete FreeWorld Express flight, a trainee may take the First Officer examination, to become a full-service FreeWorld Airways pilot. This is a written exam, followed by an online flight to be flown under ATC guidance, with the controller acting as the examiner (note: the examiner will usually be a different person than the instructor). The exam is designed to test both the pilot’s knowledge and their ability to fly their chosen aircraft (any class B or C aircraft from the FreeWorld fleet). During the exam the pilot will be expected to:
The examiner will both control, observe the pilots ability, and ask relevant questions (using voice or private chats messages) throughout the examination. Various exercises will be scored separately, with an overall pass mark of 75%. If at any time the aircraft safety is compromised, the exam will be an immediate fail. The examiner will de-brief with the pilot when the exam is concluded. In the event of a complete failure, the pilot can re-take the exam after 14 days, or 28 days in the case of a fail due to compromised safety. In the event of a partial failure, the pilot will be able to re-take the exam only for the failed exercises, and this with no delay.

Upon successfully passing the exam, the trainee will attain the rank of First Officer, and be eligible to fly/log scheduled flights in the aircraft flown during the exam, as well as any class A or B aircraft.

Once the rank of First Officer has been achieved, the pilot can apply to take additional shorter ‘type rating’ tests to certify them for scheduled operations in additional Class C aircraft; a minimum 7 day waiting time must pass between successfully taking each such type-rating test.

Take the Level 2 written exam After completion of the exam you have 10 days to attempt the practical exam. Should this delay be exceeded the written exam will be cancelled, and you will have to pass it again.