Level 3 : Captain

When the instructor believes the pilot is ready, and after logging at least 5 complete FreeWorld Airways flights, the First Officer will be invited to take the Captain examination. The procedure for the examination will be as before, except that more advanced exercises will be required, and must be flown in a B757 or B777 twin-jet heavy aircraft. In addition to any of the exercises included in the First Officer exam, the pilot may be required to:
Marking will take the same format as for the First Officer test; however the pass mark will be 80% to reflect the generally higher standard that is expected. The same minimum delay applies to re-take the test should it be necessary

Upon passing the examination, the pilot will achieve the rank of Captain, and be eligible to fly/log scheduled flights in the aircraft flown during the exam. They will also be eligible to fly custom/charter flights in any class A, B, or C aircraft.

Once the rank of Captain has been achieved, the pilot can apply to take additional shorter ‘type rating’ tests to certify them for scheduled operations in additional Class D aircraft; a minimum 7 day waiting time must pass between successfully taking each such type-rating test.

Take the Level 3 written exam After completion of the exam you have 10 days to attempt the practical exam. Should this delay be exceeded the written exam will be cancelled, and you will have to pass it again.