Level 4 : Training Captain

NOTE: In order to be considered for the Training Captain examination, a pilot must first hold the rank of Captain (Level 3), be free of any probations and any conductmisdemeanors, and must have consistently completed flight minimums during his/her term of service with FreeWorld Airways. Candidates may be subject to random flight reviews before being granted the chance to attempt the Training Captain examination.

The Training Captain examination consists of an interview with a Senior Instructor followed by a flight in which the Captain will teach a randomly selected procedure.

The exam is marked on the quality of instruction, standard of flying and general knowledge. After passing the Training Captain exam the candidate will be certified to instruct and carry out yearly checks for company pilots. If the company requires the Training Captain may be called upon to join Operation staff and examine L2/L3 candidates.

If at any time a Training Captain is unable to continue providign training for an extended period of time they will be returned to the standard Captain rating. An abbreviated interview will have to take place to regain Training Captain status.