3.2_ Radio Communications

3.2.1_ Initial Contact:

The term initial contact or initial callup means the first radio call you make to a given facility, or the first call to a different controller or FSS specialist within a facility. Use the following format:

Name of facility being called.
Your full aircraft Call Sign.
Your position, your altitude and your request (if applicable).
EXAMPLE: “Schiphol Delivery FreeWorld 1405, Gate C13 requesting IFR clearance to Frankfurt as filed”
EXAMPLE: “London Control FreeWorld 394 with you airborne runway 27L passing 3000ft for 6000ft on a Dover 3 Golf departure”
EXAMPLE: “Chicago Center FreeWorld Express 7783 with you FL200 18nm inbound Pullman VOR”
3.2.2_ Subsequent Communications:

On a subsequent communication with ATC (example: requesting descent) you start the transmission with your call sign, then immediately pass your message.
EXAMPLE: "FreeWorld 058 requesting descent"
EXAMPLE: "FreeWorld 1409 ready for taxi.
When acknowledging an ATC instruction/clearance commence transmission with your message, and finish off with your call sign.
EXAMPLE: Left heading 330, FreeWorld express 7709
EXAMPLE: Roger, cleared ILS 24R, will report established, FreeWorld 1577
EXAMPLE: We'll taxi Alpha, Delta to runway 26 and hold short, FreeWorld 809
We have provided voice recordings, as well as text transcripts of two sample flights, one from Frankfurt to Heathrow, the other from Boston to Toronto. The reason we provide 2 files is that ATC in North America and Europe use somewhat different terminology, we recommend you listen to the example for the region you will fly in most, then when you are comfortable with the terminology you can listen to the example from the other region.

You will find a glossary of every term used by ATC, as well as an example flight further down in this chapter.

3.2.3_ Uncontrolled airspace

It will sometimes happen that no ATC will be online in your region, in this case you should monitor Multicom (see Reserved frequencies). You will also have to make position reports every 15 minutes, and whenever you change course, altitude etc...
Position reports are always made via text, minor variations will occur depending on wether you are en route, or maneuvering on/around an airfield.

Your position report must contain

1) Call sign; 2) Position; 3) Heading; 4) Altitude; 5) actions (if any)
EXAMPLE: FreeWorld 455 is 15nm inbound Kosky VOR heading 330, level FL330.
EXAMPLE: FreeWorld 1894 is vertical Coehill VOR heading direct Simcoe VOR leaving FL350 for 14'000ft
EXAMPLE: FreeWorld 1007 3nm inbound LOGAN, heading 270, FL250 joining the LAM3A arrival for EGLL.
When maneuvering on or around an airfield always direct your calls to the aerodrome traffic.
EXAMPLE: Heathrow Traffic, FreeWorld 095 leaving Ockham heading 070, FL70 anticipating runway 27L for landing
EXAMPLE: LAX traffic, FreeWorld 1655 3nm final runway 25L
EXAMPLE: St. John's Traffic, FreeWorld 1887 rolling runway 29
EXAMPLE: Delhi Traffic, FreeWorld 165 pushing from stand 45B

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